Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Pictures

The Great Manure War

Horseback Riding at the Sundown Ranch
Uncle James, Edil and Kenzie

Chase and Brad

Bryce Canyon (Me, Tana, Ethan, and Garrett)

Valley of Fire

CCC Cabins

Memorial Day

I have decided that I want to live in the desert! We went to Mesquite over Memorial Day weekend. My parents paid for our trip down there for my birthday present. Unfortunately, Doug couldn't go with us because he had to work. I missed him so much, but we had a lot of fun anyway.

On Saturday we went to visit my cousin in Panguitch. It's a depressing little town outside of Cedar City however my cousin runs a little chuck wagon dinner show in Bryce Canyon. I LOVE BRYCE CANYON! It was so beautiful. My kids were able to ride horses with their cousins and have some horse manure fights (I used to do that with my brother and cousins.) My cousin Kairon came home from his mission just before Mother's day. He served in Texas, the same mission that his dad went to. We weren't able to attend his missionary report because Doug's dad was married the same weekend, so it was nice to visit with him. He and his brothers and their dad sing for their dinner show. They all play instruments as well. Kairon plays the fiddle, Kaizaiah plays the guitar, Kaizac plays the bass and their dad, Brad plays the mandolin. They are really good. If you're ever in Bryce Canyon this summer (which I HIGHLY recommend) go check them out. It's called the Sundown Ranch at the Bryce Canyon Resort.

On Monday my parents took us to the Valley of Fire which is a state park just outside of Mesquite. It's the coolest place I've ever been. You're driving thru this desert, which is beautiful and then all of a sudden you drive around this bend and there's this island of red sandstone mountains all over. It's incredible!! There were lots of different rock formations that the kids got to climb on. The rocks were riddled with caves that we were all climbing in and out of. I am telling you, it was the absolutely gorgeous. My favorite part was called The Burning Edge that overlooked a place called Rainbow Valley. The red rocks was striped with purple and blue and green and there were gold rocks all over the place. I could have stayed there forever.

We also got to see some authentic petroglyphs. They were really interesting. I can't wait to be able to go back and learn more.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friday, May 16th was Ethan's 9th birthday! I can't believe I have a nine year old. It's so weird to me. We don't do birthday parties, so we let the kids decide on a fun place they want to go and they get to invite a friend to go with them. Ethan chose to go to Boondocks with his friend Jade. Doug took them because Ethan wanted to have a guy's day. Then he came home and we had a family party where he got to open his presents. He got a cell phone! (Yes, mom and dad are crazy and Ethan is spoiled) He's actually been very responsible with it, with the exception of taking it to church....

The next day, Saturday May 17th was Rick and Gloria's wedding. (Rick is Doug's dad) We absolutely LOVE Gloria and we are thrilled that Rick is so happy. He deserves all the wonderful things marriage can offer and we think that Gloria will give him all the love, romance and happiness he deserves!

Their wedding was beautiful! Their bishop read letters they had written to each other. It was so very sweet. I got to hang out with Gloria as she was getting ready. She was so nervous as first, but she calmed down quite a bit and then got excited. She was giddy! It was adorable to see. As she walked down the isle, the look on Rick's face was unforgettable. We are so blessed to be able to have witnessed such a prefect event! They met on E-Harmony!! Who knew the internet could give such a perfect result.

We're looking forward to summer!!! It's not going to be as fun as we thought because I have to work full time hours and Doug got a second job... so we won't have as much time with the kids as we were hoping, but hopefully we'll be able to finish paying off some debt which will result in me staying home full time!!! Keep us in your prayers!