Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today we bought Mckenzie's baptism dress. She tried on about 10 or 12 and finally decided on the 3rd one she tried on that we both fell in love with. Of course, Mommy was holding back tears the entire time. Kenzie even told me I was being ridiculous..... ha ha. I just can't believe that my baby girl, who weighed 3 pounds when she was born, this baby girl who could fit in her daddy's hand, is now 8 years old and getting baptized. I am overwhelmed.

I am not trying to take away from the face that Garrett and Chase are being baptized too. I am just as overwhelmed over them as well. But I haven't been shopping with them yet. And they are too rowdy to have a sweet experience with. Mckenzie is precious and sweet. From her perfect little spirit to her beautiful green eyes. I just can't wrap my head around this!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Super Long Post Ahead....

As most people know, Carter and the triplets have birthdays within 3 days of each other. It makes for a very busy July. To top it off, my mom and dad also have birthdays very close to my kids' birthdays, my mom's is a week before and my dad's is smack in the middle of the kids. YAY! It's like Christmas is July.

For the past several years, we've gotten away with celebrating ALL the birthdays together. We'd go to Chuckee Cheese or a water park and the kids loved it. However, this year, everyone had something different in mind. So we did four different things and the kids had a ball. We did too but we were a very tired mommy and daddy!

Carter's birthday is the 16th. He chose to go bowling at Fat Cats with his friend Richard. Thank goodness for free kids' bowling this summer! Then in Montrose family tradition, we broke a pinata at our house and let the kids swim.

Carter getting ready to bowl

Knocked down 6 pins on his first try! Better than Mommy!

Carter and his buddy, Richard
Carter HATES cake so we do a "donut cake"

Mckenzie decided she wanted to have a girl's day with her BFF Jasmine:

We started the day at McD's for breakfast

After loading up on bling, we got pedicures at Le Nails
Our super cute toes!

We did some light shopping and got the girls pics done at Kiddie Kandids.
It was a super fun day!
Here they are looking like serious shoppers!

Chase chose to go to Trafalga with his friend Tre. Once again, thank heavens for free passes! Woot! We started the day at McD's and then headed to Trafalga where we went mini golfing, played at the arcade and took a ride on the go-karts. It was soooo fun!

Tre & Chase at McD's. Getting excited to start the day!

Chase getting ready to shoot his first ball....

Waiting for the go-karts... it was so hot, but we were so excited.
Doug and Chase won. I think they hid a power boost button in the go-kart.
Tre and I tried and tried to beat them but our go-kart sucked.

Enjoying some slushies after the go-karts! YUMMY!!
Garrett got to have a pool party at the new Lindon Aquatic center with his friends Christian and Kaleb. It's a way cute place and the boys had a blast! I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was afraid of getting my camera wet.

Garrett is the one coming down the slide.
The boys spent most of their time in the lazy river and on the slide.

Christian, Garrett and Kaleb
After we got back from the pool, we got ready for the triplet's birthday party! We had the best cake made at Macey's:

It had a Scooby Doo for Chase, Tinker Bell for Mckenzie and Star Wars for Garrett!
We loved it! We had originally decided on a Scooby cake but when we went to buy it,
they had sold it. I was so bummed that they girl at the bakery offered to just
put some toys on a cake. I had no idea she'd decorate like this!
I was so excited!! Especially since it was still in my budget and everyone would be happy!!

After cake, we opened presents and broke not one, not two, but three pinatas.... yes... we have triplets who have minds of their own! Garrett had a monkey pinata, Mckenzie's was a Tinkerbell and Chase's was a Darth Vader head. The whole neighborhood will be sugared up for days!! You're welcome.

All in all, it was a blast! But I'm super happy that we have a year to recover! I can't believe my babies are 8 and 6!! Where does the time go?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh No! I'm one of THOSE people!!

I got to looking at my page and I realized something. It looks like a scrap book. An online scrapbook! A freaking scrapbook! It's finally happened! I've crossed over.... pretty soon you'll see me at those parties, cutting things out. I'll be talking about scrapbooking stuff. No.. I can resist. No offense to those women out there who can be the scrapbooker. It is a creative thing to do and I admire those with the patience to do it. I tried it once, I even went to a little party where they were selling things. I even tried to keep the mocking to a minimum so I wouldn't embarrass my friend. However... I just can't do it. But look at my Blog. It's all cutesy and stuff. And what's worse is that I LIKE it! This is what living in Utah Valley has done. Either that or it's because I'm getting older. I'm going soft. I need to go find me some leather pants and a biker. Man oh man!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things I forgot!

I didn't necessarily forget some of these things, I just couldn't find the camera and thus, get these pics off the camera to post them! I've been using my phone for pictures. So, I'm finally able to post these cute pics!

Carter's Graduation:

Yes, my baby graduated from Kindergarten this year! We are officially out of the baby years. It's both sad and exciting. We'll miss Mrs. Vitters! She is a great teacher. She has been so good to our family. She also taught the triplets when they were in Kindergarten and I wish we had more kids to send to her. Maybe we can talk her into just moving grades as Carter does!

Carter with Mrs. Vitters

Carter with Richard McAlliser and Bryton Tanner, his two best friends in his class! They were way too interested in their popsicles and everything else that was going on around them!

My little man with his diploma. He'll be a big 1st grader!!

Ethan's Pioneer Day:

The 4th graders had Pioneer day at school which Ethan was so excited about it. It was very special for him because his class was reading Among the Shoshone. It's a story about his great, great, great, great grandfather, Elijah Nicholas Wilson who lived with the Shoshone Indians when he was a boy. He is my grandpa Bill's great grandfather. We had Nick Wilson's cabin on our property in Jackson.

Anyway, Ethan was excited to dress up like a cowboy and tell his teacher about our relationship to Nick Wilson. It was very cool!

Playing at Bridal Veil Falls:
Every year we take the "hike" to Bridal Veil and take pics on our first hike. It's one of our favorite places to go in Utah Valley. This year, our first trip to the falls was kind of late because it's rained so much, but we finally got there in June between rain storms and took some great pics.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

Doug and the boys at the pancake breakfast.

Ethan and Garrett fought it out with gigantic boxing gloves.
Garrett ditched his gloves and jumped on Ethan's back! You can kinda see his head.

Garrett on the bouncy slide

All of us got our faces painted. We all looked super cute and very festive!

Daddy and Uncle James were right there on the slip and slide with the kids
totally racing them all.... too funny!!

We had the coolest 4th off July. We went up to Layton to spend the holiday with my family, as has become our tradition. We took part in the Layton Liberty Days, enjoying a big pancake breakfast put on by the scouts, watching the local parade and shopping the many booths at the festival. It was so much fun. The kids got to get their faces painted (and Mommy did too) and we let them play on all the bouncy slides and stuff in the park. Later that afternoon we had a BBQ at my aunt's house where we set up the 3 lane slip and slide and wore out the kids and stuffed ourselves full of all kinds of good junk! That night we lit off fireworks in my aunt's cul-de-sac. It was awesome because we could see the Layton fireworks, the Clearfield fireworks and the Syracuse fireworks all from my aunt's house. Way cool!!

Then, we went back to my grandma's and the grown-ups stayed up till 3 am playing cards. Doug kicked our trash. In my defense, I was exhausted and off my game! Ha ha!! We tried to have a rematch on Sunday and he kicked our trash again! Gotta love him.