Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Kids Rock!

We've had some ups and downs this past year, but for the most part, my kids are amazing!

We haven't been to church in quite some time and lately the kids have been having "serious discussions" with me about returning to church. I've tried a couple times to get up on Sunday and get going but my pregnancy was difficult and I've been trying to recover from having a baby.

Today was the day to stop with the excuses and go. My kids were incredible. Last night I had the kiddos get church clothes together and set them out, making sure everything was ironed and ready to go. They did it without complaining. This morning, I got up to make them breakfast and they got ready for church with good attitudes. Even Carter, who usually complains about everything. Maybe the maple sausage brightened his mood.

I told the kids if they didn't feel comfortable going to Primary that they didn't have to. They could come home with Eric and I after Sacrament Meeting. Jason Oler, the triplet's primary teacher came up to us after Sacrament and told Mckenzie where their classroom was. She just gave me a kiss and walked out the door. Garrett and Chase followed.

Ever since his unfortunate scouting incident that has left a bitter taste in both our mouths, Ethan has been less than excited to participate in anything church related. However, to my shock and awe, he got up and starting to walk towards the Primary room. I asked him if he was staying and he lifted his scriptures, which I didn't know he brought, and said "That's why I brought these, Mom." He hugged me and left.

Carter is the only one who went home with me. He isn't big on leaving me when he doesn't have to.

Also to my surprise, Eric agreed to come with us. He's been less than thrilled with how *some* members of my ward have treated me but he was really impressed with how much help was offered to us after Seth was born. He agreed to support me in taking my kids to church and came with us. It was nice to have my family there.

To make things better, my bishop gave a wonderful talk about hope. It was something I enjoyed hearing. Looking down the row at my precious children, I saw a boy who will be receiving the priesthood this year and who will become a young man. I saw another precious boy who will be getting baptized. And my baby in my arms will be blessed next month. They are my hope.

Today was a good day.

*Disclaimer* I stress the word SOME in regard to the people in my ward because I have wonderful, sweet, and tender friends whom I could not live without. But there are those who have forgotten who they are, as we all have from time to time, and it's made my struggles even more difficult to bear.


Teri said...

It was so wonderful to see you all there today! I missed out on saying hi to Eric. He's too sneaky! Weren't those talks amazing? I have a confession to make....I met with President Hughes and mentioned something to him about Brayden being our reminder of why we are here everyday. I know your kids do the same for you. Aren't we both such lucky moms?

Mindy said...

I am so excited that your kids are feeling comfortable. Especially Ethan. I am back in town now and can't wait to be his teacher. I just know that I was called to love all of those sweet spirits in his class. I will stop by this week and check up on Ethan so he knows he is always on my mind!

Neika Boulter said...

I totally cried through this whole thing! You do have amazing kids! Good job momma!